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offers a wide array of products and services for all Industries including Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Heavy Industries, and many more, allows our customers to focus on their core competencies, enabling them to maximize their efficiency. Our comprehensive range of products and services provides innovative, effective, strategic and cost-efficient solutions to all our clients’ needs.


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To provide efficient industrial parts, component & equipment to meet our clients needs.

Our keys for Development:
–   Desire for Excellence
–   Trust and confidence build-up
–   Innovation
–   Transparency
–   Teamwork

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Our vision

To be recognized as the preferred choice of our customers in the oil and gas, power, municipal water, and industrial markets.

We Believe in:
–   Motivation
–   Collective responsibility and leadership
–   Professionalism and ethics
–   Adding values to our client needs

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Why to chose us

Jaffa Foreign Trade ltd combine technology, experience, and an abiding commitment to teamwork, to meet our clients needs.. you can place your full confidence in our ability to provide state-of-the-art products and services.

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Product & Services

Business Partners

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Ronan Engineering

Measurements Division: Radiometric Non-Contact Measurement


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The most sustainable compressed air solution


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Ronan Systems

Upgrade your plant Annunciators to the latest technology for maximum safety!


Rotating Equipment

Air Compressor, Pumps, turbines, engines…

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Instrumentation & Automation

PLC, Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Valve, Gauges…

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Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Parts, Hydraulic parts, Bearings, Pipes & tubes…

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Electrical Equipment

Motors, Contactor, Over Load, Circuit Breaker…

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Laboratory Equipment

Providing scientific solutions for laboratories.

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Procurement Services

Specializing in Multi-Sourcing Procurement

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Mechanical Equipment

Jaffa offer wide range of mechanical
systems and parts such as but not
limited to follow:
•Compressed Air Systems
•On site gas generator: Ozon,
Nitrogen, Oxygen
•Hydraulic parts.
•Diesel Engines
•Pipes & Tubes.
•Heat Exchangers

Instrumentation & Automation

Jaffa offer wide range of
instruments and automation
products such as but not limited
to follow:
•Process Controls
•Motion Products

RAW Materials

Jaffa offer bulk supply services for all raw
materials (chemicals & Petrochemicals)
are used in producing of main products
and/or supporting production services
•Phosphoric Acids
•Sulphuric Acids

Electrical Equipment

Jaffa offer wide range of Electrical
component and panels products
such as but not limited to follow:
•Panel Boards
•Soft Starters
•Generator Sets
•Circuit Breakers

Laboratory Equipment

Jaffa provide scientific solutions for laboratories and offer wide range of laboratory equipment, Such as but not limited to:
•Biochemistry Analysers
•Online Monitoring & Control Systems
•FISP® Bioreactor Sampling Probes
•TruLine ISEs
•pH Electrodes
•Disc Reader
•Analysers: FAT, Sugar, Milk

JAFFA serve and contribute in the development of our laboratory clients to provide the suitable solution and to create the best results possible

Procurement Services

Jaffa Foreign Trade ltd co will find the part you need and deliver it to wherever you need it, with the best possible deliver time, at a cost-effective price.


JAFFA Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Its our pleasure to serve you .

Email: info@jaffa-mena.com

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